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arcana_sai in livefoodlovers

Vitamix Sale

Just a quick note about a sale that I just found out about. It's only on for 5 days. For anyone who missed the last sale, this price is an incredible deal. The regular priced Vitamix is priced at $399, so this is a savings of $100 off the new models and $70 off the reconditioned models. It is a
reconditioned model but it's the same warranty as a new model. They are usually showroom models that have been gone over with a fine tooth comb.

You can't find this offer on the Vitamix website, so if you are interested in ordering and have any questions at all, please call Brenda Kilbane at 1-800-848-2649 ext 2305. Use the code 06-001682 to ask for FREE SHIPPING as well (a savings of $25). Tell her Karyn Fischer referred you and tell her you would like the $299 special sale that is on. Remember, it's only on for 5 days, so call right away. It's while supplies last as well. Last time this price was offered a few people waited too long to call and the $299 price ended, so if you're thinking of ordering, don't hesitate to call.